2020 Ownership Change


In early 2020, Dr. DeSantis asked Dr. Arnold to purchase his part of the practice. Over the three years since the inception of Arnold and DeSantis Orthodontics, this practice and his other two offices at The Ranch Orthodontics grew. It just got to be too much for Dr. D to manage three practices and have any time and energy left for his family. Although Dr. D loves this office, it was the only one where he had a partner that could step in. Dr. Arnold took over the treatment of Dr. DeSantis’s existing patients and is finishing out his treatment plans. Dr. D and Dr. Arnold are still good friends and talk on a weekly basis about patient treatment and practice management.

Naturally, this change necessitated an update to our practice logo and branding. We are in the process of transitioning to Erin Arnold Orthodontics. You may see our original name around as we work through all the old logos, with the building’s overhead sign likely being the last to change!

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