Financing and Insurance

Free consultations - Acceptance of all insurance plans - Flexible payment options - Automatic billing - Low monthly payments - Free in-house financing

We are flexible so you can secure quality treatment within your family's budget

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies for each individual depending on their needs and treatment plan. At your initial consultation, Samantha will discuss the cost of each available treatment plan. We will not surprise you with costs, and will always be upfront with expenses associated with your treatment before you begin. In some cases, the treatment plan will require assistance from specialists outside our office. Examples include extractions by the dentist, tooth exposure by a periodontist, or jaw surgery by an orthognathic surgeon. We will discuss any such needs at your consultation and can give you a referral to the right team for evaluation and cost estimates.

Samantha will review your orthodontic treatment costs and explain any insurance benefits in place. Then we work to find a payment plan that works for you. We offer free in-house financing, meaning we are happy to spread the cost of treatment across 12-36 months with no interest charges. In addition, we do not insist on tying the payment window to your treatment time. Most families run on a monthly budget, so the monthly payment amount is most important for them. If a particular treatment plan is 18 months, we are happy to extend payments over 24 months if needed to get that monthly figure easily manageable.

Finally, we handle all the hassle for you! Our team can file insurance benefits with any carrier, and we will set up the automatic monthly billing for you. Because orthodontic appointment intervals vary from 4-8 weeks depending on the type and stage of treatment, automatic monthly billing saves you from having to swing by each month!

Flexible Payments Scenario

9 year old Sadie and her mother, Megan, came in for Sadie’s first consultation. Dr. Arnold recommended 12 months of Phase I treatment. The orthodontic treatment fee is $3,200. Megan contributed $800 for a down payment. With our in-house extended interest free financing, Megan chose to extend her payments over 15 months to fit her monthly budget. Her monthly auto-draft payments for Sadie’s treatment are only $160/mo.

Treatment: Phase 1 Treatment

Total Treatment Cost $3,200
Down Payment $800
Monthly Payments $160 / month for 15 months

Flexible Payments Scenario

43 year old Alex came in for a consultation. Dr. Arnold recommended 18 months of Invisalign treatment. The orthodontic treatment fee is $5,980. Alex has a $1,500 insurance benefit that we verified prior to his consultation. Alex then broke his $1,700 Invisalign down payment into two chunks, during which time Dr. Arnold was working on the design and manufacture of his aligners. With our in-house extended interest free financing, Alex chose to extend his payments over 22 months. His monthly auto-draft payments are only $126/mo.

Treatment: Phase 1 Treatment

Total Treatment Cost $5,980
Insurance Benefit $1,500
Down Payment $1,000 + $700
Monthly Payments $126 / month for 22 months

In support of our families and our community, we offer the following discounts:

  • 5% Sibling / Family member discount
  • 5% Discount for paying in full up front